How Does This Help My Patients?

Health Information Exchange Revolutionizes Patient Care. It breaks down silos and makes information available to authorized providers when and where it is needed – quickly and securely.

When all members of a patient's care team have medical information available at the time and place they need it, they can provide better quality and more cost-effective care, such as:

  • When a provider sends a patient for a test, the HIE helps by sending test results back to the provider safely and quickly.
  • The provider gets test results as soon as they are ready so patients can be treated faster.
  • Providers can request access to a wide range of patient health information from other providers participating in the HIE, resulting in better continuity of care.
  • The HIE protects patient health information better than paper charts by tracking who has looked at patient health information. Both providers and patients can request reports on who has accessed the patient's health information.

HIE also improves the quality of care to patients through use of the alerts and tools embedded within electronic medical record systems (EMRs) and reduces the costs and hassles associated with the paper.  Doctors will have access to important clinical information that can help them make better decisions about your care. Examples of clinical information that can be accessed through Carolinas HealthCare System CareConnect include:

  • Lab results
  • Pathology and radiology results
  • Cardiology reports
  • Current and previous medications
  • Hospital ER visits
  • Medical diagnosis and surgeries, and much more.
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